"Volcano" published in anthology honoring Jimmy Buffett

Down & Out Books

My story, "Volcano" is inspired by the Jimmy Buffett song of the same name. The story is also an homage to David Morrell's Rambo character and Sylvester Stallone's embodiment of that character. You can read about how I wrote the story on the blog series "The First Two Pages" here. 

This anthology includes many excellent, award-winning stories!

SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN, anthology by R.L. Stine


A harrowing array of scary stories that all have one thing in common: each either begins or ends with a scream!

R.L. Stine—the godfather of Goosebumps—and some of the most popular authors today bring an unrivaled mastery of all things fearsome, frightening, and fantabulous to this terrifying anthology of all-new scary short stories.

Alice Guy Blaché: Cinema Pioneer

Yale University Press
This book celebrates the achievements of Alice Guy Blaché (1873–1968), the first woman motion picture director and producer. From 1896 to 1907, she created films for Gaumont in Paris. In 1907, she moved to the United States and established her own film company, Solax. From 1914 to 1920, Guy Blaché was an independent director for a number of film companies.

The Films of Tim Burton: Animating Live Action in Holllywood

This book explores the relationship between 2D and 3D animation, simulation, and live action cinema using the work of Tim Burton as a context. McMahan argues that cinema and animation have always had a different relationship and interdependence than we have supposed and that this relationship can be observed in changes to horror and fantasy film genres as well as changes in the use of special effects.