Alison McMahan has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines such as Filmmaker, Millimiter, American Cinematographer and The Independent. In addition she has written  academic papers on the topics of film history, digital media, and virtual reality. Here is a selection.

Madame Blaché in America: Director, Producer, Studio Owner

"Madame Blaché in America: Director, Producer, Studio Owner" published in Alice Guy Blaché, Film Pioneer, catalogue for the Whitney Museum of Art Film Retrospective, edited by Joan Simon, Yale University Press, 2009, pp. 47-76. I also contributed the chronology and filmographies.

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The Animation Paradigm

"The Animation Paradigm" Le Cinématographe, nouvelle technologie du Xxe siècle/The Cinema, A New Technology for the 20th Century, edited by André Gaudreault, Catherine Russell and Pierre Véronneau, France: Editions Payot Lausanne, 2004, p. 373-380.

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