Busted! Arresting Stories from the Beat


Busted! Arresting Stories from the Beat is a law enforcement-themed anthology released April 25, 2017.

The contributing authors and stories are:

  • “Justice Due” by Jack Bates
  • “Thicker than Water” by Micki Browning
  • “No Mulligans” by Leone Ciporin
  • “Bygones” by Bruce Robert Coffin
  • “Last Call for Buffalo” by Randall DeWitt
  • “Fall in New Hampshire” by Sharon Daynard
  • “Most Evil” by Peter DiChellis
  • “Bad Friday” by Martin Edwards
  • “Deadly Discovery in Dallas” by Sanford Emerson
  • “The Woman in White” by Tracy Falenwolfe
  • “Ida Mae Buys a Crown Vic” by Kate Flora
  • “Get Along Little Dogie” by CC Guthrie
  • “The Letters of Patrick Bushell” by Gavin Keenan
  • “Afternoon Delight” by Steve Liskow
  • “The Program” by Cyndy Edwards Lively
  • “Becky’s File” by Ruth McCarty
  • “The Drive By” by Alison McMahan
  • “Annie Get Your Goat” by LD Masterson
  • “Chains” by Claire Murray
  • “Christmas Shift” by Dale Phillips
  • “Truth, Grace and Lies” by Adele Polomski
  • “The Cattle Raid of Adams” by Keenan Powell
  • “Goldie” by KM Rockwood
  • “The Owl and the Pussycats” by Verena Rose
  • “The Runner” by Steve Roy
  • “No Safe Place” by Harriette Sackler
  • “The Man Who Wasn’t Missing” by Brenda Seabrooke
  • “Play Dead” by Shawn Reilly Simmons
  • “Sensitivity Training” by Albert Tucher
  • “Pet Peeve” by Kari Wainwright
  • “Burning Bright” by Vicki Weisfeld
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Level Best Books
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