Conference Papers

"Interactive Narrative and the Interstitial Interface" Interactive Frictions Conference, The University of Southern California, June 4-6, 1999.

"A Poor Man's Sound Cinema?" paper given at the Spectacular Europe 3 Conference in Warwick, UK, March 2000.

"Spectator, Avatar, Golem, Bot: Interface and Subject Position in Interactive Fiction" paper given at SCS conference, Chicago, March 2000.

"Social Stage, Simulacra, Civilzation™" paper on city-simulation games given at SCREEN studies conference, Glasgow, July 2000.

"Race Pictures Before Race Cinema: An Analysis of A Fool and His Money (Alice Guy Blaché, Solax, 1912)." Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Chicago, May 2001.

"Interactive Television: The Hyperserial" Console-ing Passions Conference, July 2001, Bristol, UK

"The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Fiction: The Case of The Sims", GAMECULTURES, International Conference at the Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, UK 29 June - 1 July, 2001.

"Sentient VR Environment Design: The Memesis Project" Poster for the COSIGN 2001 Conference, September 2001, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

"Identifying a Feminist Address in Early Cinema," Paper for the Women and Silent Screen Conference, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, November 2001.