New Mysteries out by Nancy Cohen and Alyssa Maxwell

This is how to spend a Sunday. First, an author talk and book signing at Murder on the Beach in Delray, FL. Nancy Cohen, who writes humorous cozy mysteries and sci-fi romance, and Alyssa Maxwell, who writes historical mysteries and romance, were the attraction.

Nancy Cohen just released the 11th book in her Bad Hair Day series. The latest installment is called Hanging by a Hair. The murder victim is that archetypal villain many Floridians can empathetically hate, the president of the condo association board.

Here is the review for Hanging by a Hair that appeared in today's Sun Sentinel


Murder at the BreakersMurder at the Breakers

Murder at the Breakers is the first in Alyssa Maxwell's series of historical mysteries set in Newport Rhode Island. A young, not so wealthy-relative of Newport's hoi-poloi has to solve murders that occur in the fabled mansions of the glittery playground.