Interview for Historical Novel Society

Artist and historical novelist Renee Dos Santos has published an interview with me on her blog.

Historical Novel Society Conference presenter Alison McMahan pre-conference Interview

It is my pleasure to introduce  Alison McMahan a filmmaker and president of Homunculus Productions, LLC and author. She is co-presenting a session on book trailers at the 2013 Historical Novel Society Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has published two non-fiction books, the award-winning book Alice Guy Blaché, Lost Cinematic Visionary (Continuum 2002) (translated to Spanish and optioned for a film) and The Films Of Tim Burton: Animating Live Action In Hollywood(Continuum 2005).  She has just completed her first historical novel, The Road to Santiago, set in tenth-century Spain and on the First Crusade.

I am looking forward to Alison’s  HNS Conference presentation on book trailers, something every author can benefit by: How to best promote our works through video!

You can read the rest of the interview here. And while you are there, check out Renee's artwork!