Florida Romance Writers Online Workshop "Abusing the Sentence"

Florida Romance Writers will host an online workshop by MM Pollard, editor for Black Velvet Seductions.

I just took Pollard's two week workshop, " Head-hopping and Roving Body Parts." Pollard's lessons are short, to the point, and memorably funny. I'll never be able to write a sentence like

"His head popped up from the menu," or

" His legs raced down the street," or

"He let his eyes fly around the room until they came to rest on Lady Caroline,"

without laughing.

In her incisive feedback on our exercises, Pollard taught us to recognize the error of giving body parts their own agency. I know it's sometimes tempting to do that when writing romance, but it's still wrong.

Pollard is starting another two-week workshop on October 14th. The course is part of her series known as "The Writer's Primer of Common Errors" and this course focuses on common abuses of the sentence.

You can read a full description and register for the course (just twenty dollars! A steal!) here.

In mid-November Pollard will offer another course through FRW, entitled: "Telling, not Showing, and Using Adjectives and Adverbs to Tell."