Ceiba Tree in front of TempleteCeiba Tree in front of Templete


Big news: as a screenwriter, I am now represented by Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films. Melocchi is a literary manager for screenwriters, and will help me get my scripts, Imprinted, Destroying Angel, and Girl in Trunk, (the latter two co-written with John Leary) in front of the right people.

My friend Diana Munoz-Stewart just won second prize in the RoseCity Romance Writer's contest for her paranormal YA romance LIGHTBRINGER.

Ruins of Santa Cristina Hospice in SomportRuins of Santa Cristina Hospice in Somport

Fragments of Original Inscriptions in the AljaferiaFragments of Original Inscriptions in the AljaferiaIn my first blog on the Aljaferia of

Detail from Codex CalixtinusDetail from Codex CalixtinusFor all of us who have walked the Camino, or those who dream of walking the Camino, the Codex Calixtinus is our original guide.

Ramiro IRamiro I

We are still visiting locations in my novel by car. A key town in my historical novel, The Road to Santiago, is Jaca, a principal city in the province of Huesca.

Aljaferia MihrabAljaferia Mihrab

For many years I've had a poster of an interior of the Aljaferia on the wall in front of my writing desk.

Alcazaba of MalagaAlcazaba of Malaga