Our Camino MapOur Camino Map

Dingaling Reunion in GloucesterDingaling Reunion in GloucesterIn July of 2008 Ted and Annie Deppe led one of their bi-yearly Stonecoast residencies in Dingle, Ireland.

Soundtrack for a night in Jerusalem:
The Muezzin's loudspeakered call to prayer. A group of Armenian nuns singing hymns.  A radio playing Arab pop
music -- celebrating sundown on yet another day of Ramadan. Children playing, snapping caps. 

Muezzin CallsMuezzin Calls



Dome of the RockDome of the Rock

Leanna Renee  Hieber gets a Prism Award at The GatheringLeanna Renee Hieber gets a Prism Award at The GatheringSTEAMPUNK PANEL AT RWA 30

Linda K. Sienkiewicz is a poet and novelist. She  is represented by Chelsea Gilmore and Maria Carvainis of Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc. Linda lives north of Detroit, MI with her husband; they have three grown children and a granddaughter.



Sometimes dreams to come true, and you get what you wished for.


Paul Di Filippo saw my blog! and sent me a copy of his book Ciphers, in one of his inimitable envelopes.