Interview for Historical Novel Society

Artist and historical novelist Renee Dos Santos has published an interview with me on her blog.

Historical Novel Society Conference presenter Alison McMahan pre-conference Interview

It is my pleasure to introduce  Alison McMahan a filmmaker and president of Homunculus Productions, LLC and author. She is co-presenting a session on book trailers at the 2013 Historical Novel Society Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has published two non-fiction books, the award-winning book Alice Guy Blaché, Lost Cinematic Visionary (Continuum 2002) (translated to Spanish and optioned for a film) and The Films Of Tim Burton: Animating Live Action In Hollywood(Continuum 2005).  She has just completed her first historical novel, The Road to Santiago, set in tenth-century Spain and on the First Crusade.

I am looking forward to Alison’s  HNS Conference presentation on book trailers, something every author can benefit by: How to best promote our works through video!

You can read the rest of the interview here. And while you are there, check out Renee's artwork!


I really enjoyed your

I really enjoyed your interview on Stephanie Renée dos Santos's blog. We share many of the same tastes: Mary Renault, Cecilia Holland, Guy Gavriel Kay, etc.  The Once and Future King is a book I've reread many times, and though it sound far from ancient India, it has influenced my novels about the time of the Buddha (as yet unpublished, but I've just signed with an agent).

My daughter spent her junior year of high school in Spain as an exchange student, and is currently majoring in Spanish and Middle Eastern Studies.  She would love to read your book about the first crusade, and so would I! When do you anticipate it will be published?

By the way, have you read The Long Ships by F.G. Bengtsson?  It's a superb historical novel in which the hero has spends some time in the kingdom of the Caliph of Cordoba, where the hero serves my lord Almansur. 

I'll be attending my first HNS conference in St. Petersburg and hope to meet you there.



Dear Shelley, I look forward

Dear Shelley,

I look forward to meeting you at the conference! And thanks for telling me about The Long Ships -- I'm going to read it as soon as I can!