Alison McMahan

The Saffron Crocus

I adored this beautifully written, passionate book. The Saffron Crocus is a glittering, thrilling opera of a novel that plucked my heartstrings and kept me reading at fever pitch. Brava, Alison McMahan! Encore! 
~ Nancy Holder, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Wicked Saga

WINNER: 2014 Rosemary Award for Best Historical for Young Adults
Cover of Films of Tim Burton by Alison McMahan

The Films of Tim Burton

An analysis of the effect on animation on Burton's filmmaking up to Corpse Bride.

Cover of The Lost Visionary by Alison McMahan

The Lost Visionary

A critical analysis of the surviving films of Alice Guy Blaché, the world's first woman filmmaker.

Cover of Alice Guy Cinema Pioneer by Alison McMahan

Alice Guy: Cinema Pioneer

A collection of academic papers published at the time of the Whitney Museum retrospective in 2009.

Alison McMahan is the author of the award-winning Alice Guy Blaché, Lost Visionary of the Cinema (Bloomsbury, 2002) and The Films of Tim Burton: Animating Live Action in Hollywood (Bloomsbury, 2005). She writes screenplays, documentaries, (Homunculus Productions) and fiction.


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Venice, FL, Book Fair

Leo Maloney, Randy Rawls, Nancy J. Cohen, Alison McMahanLeo Maloney, Randy Rawls, Nancy J. Cohen, Alison McMahan









My first bookfair ever. The Florida chapter of the Mystery Writer's Association of America, captained by Nancy J. Cohen, had a panel and table at the Venice, FL. Book Fair

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Return to Cuba

In the winter of 2012 my husband Charlie and I were able to travel to Cuba as part of a People-to-People tour. The tour enabled us to visit new businesses my Cuban entrepreneurs. But Charlie and I also had our own agenda: we wanted to learn as much as we could about Carlos Aponte, the Venezuelan revolutionary who happens to be Charlie's great-uncle and who died and is buried in Cuba.

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Quiet, by Sandra Irwin

My aunt Sandra Irwin, who was nominated for a Puschart poetry prize in 2014, will publish her first poetry chapbook, Quiet, in February, 2015 from Finishing Line Press. Available for pre-order now.

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Book Cover Challenge

My Viable Paradise classmate, Casey Blair, tagged me for the Book Cover Challenge. If you want me to tag you, leave a message in the comments.

1. What are your 6 favorite book covers?

Nearly impossible to limit it to 6 favorites. What I did was pick the last six covers that led to me buying the book before I even read the blurb on the back. Not something that happens often.

Also, I’ve been giving book covers a lot of thought lately, because I just worked with designer Mishi Bellamy to create the cover for my first novel. This forced me to consciously consider what type of covers “work” for me. Here they are by type, with a favorite for each one:

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