Alison McMahan

Alison McMahan is the author of the award-winning Alice Guy Blaché, Lost Visionary of the Cinema (Continuum, 2002) and The Films of Tim Burton: Animating Live Action in Hollywood (Continuum 2005). She writes screenplays, documentary scripts (Homunculus Productions) and fiction.


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Nora Simms of Woman of Ill Fame: A Great Character Voice

How does one discover a new writer that will rock one's world? Maybe a friend recommends a book. Maybe a book won an award. Or maybe you go to the Historical Novel Society Conference and witness an evening of sex scenes read out loud by their authors, a tradition initiated some years ago by Diana Gabaldon, who was the master of ceremonies.

Erika Mailman read a sex scene from Woman of Ill Fame (Heyday Books, 2007). I immediately bought and read the entire book, and I've been re-reading it ever since. 


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Review of Chaperoning Paris by Victoria Pinder


We've all been in this situation, right? Everything is ideal: the right guy, with a private jet he's put at our disposal, some time together in Paris (even if it is while chaperoning a bunch of too-smart-for-their-own-good high school kids), and the knowledge that this guy is THE ONE for you. So what's the problem? You. That's the problem.  Read more »

Review of Murder at the Breakers by Alyssa Maxwell

Murder at the Breakers a cozy historical mystery by Alyssa Maxwell. Kensington Books, 2014.


An inexplicable murder, check. Society debutantes. Check.  A handsome rogue of a brother who's always in a scrape, check. An even handsomer mysterious stranger dogging the heroine's every step, check, check, check.  Murder at the Breakers, the first in a series of cozy historicals by Alyssa Maxwell, has it all. 

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My Writing Process Blog Hop

My Writing Process - Answers to four questions

I've been tagged by Peter Andrews, brilliant writer of YA, sci-fi, and blogger, to participate in a blog hop on the writing process. I have four questions to answer, and then I have to tag two authors to do the same. This is actually harder to do than it looks, but here goes.  Read more »

My YA Historical, Saffron Crocus, is Rosemary Finalist

My young adult historical mystery-romance, The Saffron Crocus, is a finalist for the Rosemary Award, sponsored by the Young Adult Romance Writers of America (YARWA). Winners will be announced at the RWA national conference next month in San Antonio, Texas.  Read more »